ProductMagnifica S PlusMessaggio: DESCALARE
Magnifica S Plus

Messaggio: DESCALARE

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Decalcifica la macchina da caffè

Possible cause:
The machine must be descaled.


Follow the step-by-step guide:

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1. Importante!

Descaler contains acids which may irritate the skin and eyes. It is essential that you observe the manufacturer’s safety warnings indicated on the descaler packet and the warnings relating to the procedure to follow in the event of contact with the skin and eyes.

2. Si prega di notare:

Use descaler recommended by De’Longhi only. Failure to descale the appliance as described above also invalidates the guarantee.

3. Premere il pulsante POWER per accendere la macchina


4. Press the MENU button

5. Press B4 or B5 until "Descale" is displayed

6. Select by pressing OK

The message "Descale Confirm?" appears on the display. Press OK again to enable the function . "Add Descaler Confirm?" appears on the display.

7. Svuotare completamente il serbatoio dell'acqua e rimuovere il filtro dell'addolcitore, se presente.

8. Versare il decalcificante nel serbatoio e aggiungere l'acqua.

Pour the descaler into the tank up to the level A (equal to one 100ml packet) marked on the back of the tank. Add water (1 litre) up to level B.

9. Place an empty container with a minimum capacity of 1.5 litres under the cappuccino maker

10. Pericolo di scottature!

L'acqua calda contenente acido viene erogata dal cappuccinatore. Evitare il contatto con gli schizzi d'acqua.

11. Press OK to confirm that the solution has been introduced

"TURN STEAM KNOB" then appears on the display .

12. Turn the steam knob into the "I" position

The descaling programme starts and the descaler liquid comes out of the cappuccino maker. The descaling programme automatically performs a series of rinses and pauses to remove all the scale residues inside the coffee machine. After about 30 minutes, the message “FILL TANK!” is displayed. The appliance is now ready for rinsing through with clean water.

13. Svuotare il contenitore utilizzato per raccogliere la soluzione decalcificante.

Empty the container used to collect the descaler solution and replace it empty under the cappuccino maker.

14. empty, rinse under running water, fill with clean water and replace

“Rinsing” appears on the display. Hot water comes out of the cappuccino maker. When the water tank is completely empty, “TURN STEAM KNOB” is displayed.

15. Turn the knob to the "0" position

16. Insert the filter in the tank (if present)

17. Riempire il serbatoio dell'acqua

The coffee machine is now ready for use.