ProductBrillanteIl caffè ha un sapore acido

Il caffè ha un sapore acido

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Decalcifica la macchina da caffè

Potential cause:
The coffee maker needs to be descaled.


Follow the guide below for descaling instructions:

Come fare per la guida

1. Notice:

If the water in your area is hard, limescale builds up over time. These deposits may affect correct operation of the appliance.

You are recommended to descale the coffee maker every 60 coffee making cycles.

To descale, always use De’Longhi descaler or special commercially available descaling products for filter coffee makers.

2. Dilute the product in the jug, following the instructions on the descaler pack

3. Pour the solution into the water fill compartment

4. Posizionare la caraffa sulla piastra riscaldante

5. Press the power button and percolate the equivalent of one cup

Then turn the appliance off.

6. Leave the solution to work for 15 minutes

7. Press the power button and deliver the water until the tank is empty

Then turn the appliance off.

8. Rinse by operating the appliance with water only at least 3 times (3 complete tanks of water)

Failure to clean as described in these steps invalidates the guarantee.