ProductMaestosaIl caffè non è caldo

Il caffè non è caldo

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Eseguire un ciclo di risciacquo prima di erogare il caffè.

Potential cause:
The infuser has cooled down because 2/3 minutes have elapsed since the last coffee was made.

Come fare per la guida

1. Attenzione!

• If the appliance is not used for more than 3-4 days, when you turn it on again, we strongly recommend performing 2-3 rinses before use.

• After cleaning, it is normal for the grounds container to contain water.

2. Place a container with a minimum capacity of 500ml under the coffee and hot water spouts

3. Press the settings menu

4. Select "Rinsing"

"Position 0.5l container under spouts. Press OK to start" is displayed.

5. Press OK to start delivery

After a few seconds, hot water is delivered first from the coffee spouts, then the hot water/steam spout (if inserted) to clean and heat the internal circuit of the appliance.

"Rinsing underway. Hot water from spouts" appears on the display.

To stop rinsing, press "Cancel" or wait for rinsing to stop automatically.