ProductCaffè Corso ESAM2800Il caffè non è abbastanza caldo
Caffè Corso ESAM2800

Il caffè non è abbastanza caldo

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Scaldare le tazze sciacquandole con acqua calda.

Possible cause:
The cups were not preheated.

The coffee should be reaching a temperature of between 70-80 degrees when it is coming out of the coffee spouts; this is to provide you with a drink that can be enjoyed straight away and to retain the full flavour of the coffee during the brewing process. To ensure your drink retains as much of this temperature as possible we recommend that you pre-warm the cups for your chosen beverage.

This can be done by running them under a hot water tap or by placing them under your coffee machine and running a rinse cycle. This will have a two-fold effect of warming the cups and also priming your coffee machine before use.

Deliver water by turning the steam knob to the following position: