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Combi coffee maker COM530The BOLD LED is double flashing

Combi coffee maker COM530

The BOLD LED is double flashing

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Descale the drip coffee unit


General information

It is recommended to descale the coffee maker when the descaling notification flashes (the Bold LED button will emit a double flashing light) and this will occur with every 40 coffees that are brewed.

This notification will not prevent any function.
The notification could be temporarily postoned by touching any touch icon of the drip side.

At the end of the next brew cycle, if descaling has not been completed, the notification will flash on the BOLD LED.


Pour in the descaling product

Remove the antichlorine filter and pour into the tank the descaling product following the instructions in the package.


Fill the tank with water up to the “max” level for the correct dilution


Apply the solution in the machine

Place the carafe on the warming plate.

Press and hold the “BOLD” touch icon for at least 6 seconds to start the “descaling” cycle.

During the descaling cycle the “BOLD“ led will blink.
The clock will switch to a countdown (27 min) during the process and will blink until the end of descaling.



Rinse at least 3 times by operating the machine with water only (i.e. as in 7.5, but without coffee).

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