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La Specialista PrestigioThe coffee crema is too dark (delivered from the spout too slowly)

La Specialista Prestigio

The coffee crema is too dark (delivered from the spout too slowly)

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Potential cause:
The appliance settings need reviewing.

FrothNut-brown coloured with dark lights and light-coloured streaks, 3-4mm thick.Clear and thin with large bubbles.Dark and thin, only at the edges.
BodyDense, full-flavoured and smooth.Thin and watery.Excessive.
TasteWell-balanced and lingering.Weak and short-lived.Strong, astringent, lingering and bitter on the palate.
AromaIntense.Not pronunced.Weak, with a hint of burnt coffee.
Grinding levelCorrect.Too coarse. Adjust the mill to a lower position.Too fine. Adjust the mill to a higher position.
Coffee quantityCorrect. Not enough. Increase the quantity.Too much. Reduce the quantity.

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