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MaestosaNo steam or hot water comes out of the spout


No steam or hot water comes out of the spout

Try this solution

Clean the hot water/steam spout after use

Possible cause:
The spout is dirty or blocked.

Follow the guide below for detailed instructions.


Place a container with a minimum capacity of 500ml under the coffee and hot water spouts


Press the settings menu


Select "Rinsing"

"Position 0.5l container under spouts. Press OK to start" is displayed.


Press OK to start delivery

After a few seconds, hot water is delivered first from the coffee spouts, then the hot water/steam spout (if inserted) to clean and heat the internal circuit of the appliance.

"Rinsing underway. Hot water from spouts" appears on the display.

To stop rinsing, press "Cancel" or wait for rinsing to stop automatically.


Wait a few minutes for the hot water/steam spout to cool down

Then extract by pressing the release button:


Turn the connector anticlockwise and extract


Hold the spout with one hand and with the other, turn the cappuccino maker and pull it downwards

Also remove the steam connection nozzle by pulling it downwards.


Check the hole in the connection nozzle is not blocked

If necessary, clean using a toothpick.


Wash all components of the spout thoroughly with a sponge and warm water

Use the tube brush to scrape off any milk residues.


Replace all the spout components correctly

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