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Magnifica Evo ECAM29X.6Y - ECAM29X.8YThe coffee is delivered too slowly or drop by drop
Magnifica Evo ECAM29X.6Y - ECAM29X.8Y

Magnifica Evo ECAM29X.6Y - ECAM29X.8Y

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The coffee is delivered too slowly or drop by drop

Try this solution

Adjust the grinding level

Possible cause:
The coffee is ground too finely.

Adjust the grinding level using the grinding adjustment dial.

The coffee mill is set by default to prepare coffee correctly and should not require regulation initially. To adjust, while the coffee mill is in operation, turn the dial as follows:


Please note:

  • The grinding adjustment dial must only be turned when the coffee mill is in operation during the initial phase of coffee preparation.

  • The effect is not visible until at least 2 coffees have been made.

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