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PrimaDonna ESAM6620The coffee does not come out of one or both of the spouts

PrimaDonna ESAM6620

The coffee does not come out of one or both of the spouts

Try this solution

Clean the coffee spouts

Possible cause:
The spouts need cleaning.

Follow the step-by-step guide:


Please note:

To clean later, press "Cancel". The next time the appliance is turned on, the message is displayed again.


Remove the central outlet cover by pulling outwards

Then remove the coffee spouts downwards. Press "Next".


Separate the two spouts


Rinse spouts with running water

It is recommended to run in a dishwasher. Alternatively. wash thoroughly with warm water and mild washing-up liquid.


Clean the seat of the removable spouts with a cloth


Reassemble the spouts

Attach them to the central outlet. Make sure the word "INSERT" is at the top and is visible when the spouts have been inserted.


Put back the central outlet cover



Press "OK" to confirm cleaning

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