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PrimaDonna ESAM6620The milk does not come out of the spout

PrimaDonna ESAM6620

The milk does not come out of the spout

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Clean the milk container

Possible cause:
The milk container is dirty.

Follow the step-by-step guide:


Please note:

  • To prepare a number of cappuccinos and milk based coffees, clean the milk container after you have prepared the last beverage only. To proceed with making the next beverages, when the "Clean" message is displayed, press "Cancel".

  • If you do not clean the milk container the B8 symbol is displayed to remind you that cleaning is required.

  • The milk container can be kept in the refrigerator.

  • In some cases, to clean you must wait for the appliance to heat up.

  • To ensure correct cleaning, wait for the CLEAN function to end. You can, however, interrupt cleaning the milk container by pressing "Stop".



Leave the milk container in the coffee machine

You do not need to empty it.


Place a cup pr other recipient under the froth milk spout


Turn the froth adjustment dial to "Clean"

Hot water and steam are delivered from the milk spout. Cleaning stops automatically.


Turn the dial back to one of the froth sections


Remove the milk container and place in the refrigerator

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