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Replace the filter

Possible cause:
The water softener filter is exhausted.

Follow the guide below for detailed instructions:

How-to guide

1. Extract the tank and exhausted filter

2. Take the new filter out of its packet

3. Turn the date indicator disk until the next two months of use are displayed

The filter lasts about two months if the appliance is used normally. If the coffee machine is left unused with the filter installed, it will last a maximum of three weeks.

4. To activate the filter, run tap water through the hole in the filter as shown in the figure until water comes out of the openings at the side for more than a minute

5. Extract the tank from the appliance and fill with water

6. Insert the filter in the water tank and immerse it completely for about ten seconds, sloping it and pressing it lightly to enable the air bubbles to escape

7. Insert the filter in the filter housing and press as far as it will go

8. Close the tank with the lid, then replace the tank in the machine

9. Position a container with a minimum capacity of 500ml under the hot water spout

10. Press MENU/ESC (B2) to enter the menu

11. Press the left or right button until "Replace filter" is displayed

12. Press "ok"

The message "Confirm?" will be displayed

13. Press "ok" to confirm the selection

The appliance will begin hot water delivery and the message "Please wait" will be displayed

After the flow of hot water stops, the appliance automatically resets to “Ready for coffee” status.

14. Press "ok" to confirm the selection

"HOT WATER press OK" will be displayed

15. The new filter is now active and you can use the coffee machine