ProductAutentica CappuccinoThe milk does not come out of the milk spout
Autentica Cappuccino

The milk does not come out of the milk spout

Try this solution

Clean the milk container lid

Possible cause:
The milk container lid (D2) or froth adjustment dial (D1) are dirty.

Follow the guide below for detailed instructions:

How-to guide

1. Remove the lid

2. Remove the milk spout and intake tube

3. Turn anticlockwise the froth regulator to the “INSERT” position and pull it off outwards

4. Wash all the components thoroughly with hot water and mild washing-up liquid.

All components are dishwasher safe.

5. Make sure there are no milk residues on the hollow and groove under the dial

If necessary, scrape the groove with a toothpick.

6. Rinse inside the froth adjustment dial seat with running water

7. Check that the intake tube and spout are not clogged with milk residues

8. Replace the dial (in correspondence to the word “INSERT”), spout and milk intake tube

9. Place the lid back on the milk container