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Message: DESCALE

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The descaling procedure needs to be performed

Possible cause:
The machine must be descaled.


Follow the guide below for detailed instructions:

How-to guide

1. Turn the appliance on and wait until it is ready for use

2. Press MENU/ESC (B2) to enter the menu

3. Press the arrow icons until "Descaling" is displayed

4. Press "ok"

"Confirm?" is displayed.

5. Press "ok" to confirm

“EMPTY DRIP TRAY”, “Add descaler”, “REMOVE FILTER” (only if the filter is present) and “Press OK” alternate on the display.

6. Remove and empty the water tank completely

Also remove the water softener filter, if present.

7. Empty the drip tray and grounds container, then put them back in the appliance

8. Pour the descaler into the tank up to level A (corresponding to a 100 ml pack) marked on the back of the tank

9. Add water (1 litre) up to level B

10. Put the water tank back

11. Place an empty container with a minimum capac-ity of 1.4 litres under the coffee spouts and hot water spout

Important! Danger of burns

Hot water containing acid flows out of the spouts. Take care to avoid contact with splashes of this solution.

12. Press "ok" to confirm that you have added the descaler solution

The message “Descale underway” is displayed and the descaling procedure begins. The descaler liquid comes out of the coffee spouts and hot water spout and a series of rinses and pauses is performed to remove limescale deposits from inside the machine.

After about 25 minutes, the messages “RINSING” and “FILL TANK” alternate on the display.

Important! Danger of burns

Do not leave the appliance unattended while hot water is being delivered.

13. The appliance is now ready for rinsing through with clean water

Extract the water tank.

Empty the tank.

Rinse under running water.

Fill up with fresh water up to the MAX level.

Put back in the appliance.

"RINSING, Press OK” is displayed.

14. Empty the container used to collect the descaler solution and replace it empty under the coffee spouts and hot water spout

15. Press "ok" to resume rinsing

Hot water is delivered first from the coffee spouts, then from the hot water spout.

The message “RINSING Please wait” appears on the display.

When the water tank is empty, the messages “RINSING”, “FILL TANK” and “REPLACE FILTER” (only if previously removed) alternate on the display.

16. Empty the container used to collect the rinsing water

17. Remove the water tank

Replace the water softener filter (if previously removed).

Fill the tank up to the MAX level with fresh water.

Insert it in the appliance. "RINSING Press OK” will appear on the display.

18. Place the container used to collect the rinsing water empty under the hot water spout

19. Press "ok" to start rinsing

Rinsing begins again from the hot water spout only and the message “RINSING Please wait” is displayed.

When it finishes, the message “Rinsing complete, Press OK” is displayed.

20. Press "ok"

“FILL TANK” appears on the display.

21. Empty the drip tray, remove and top up the water tank with fresh water to the MAX level and put back in the machine

Descaling is complete.

Please note!

If the descaling cycle is not completed correctly (e.g. no electricity) we recommend repeating the cycle.