ProductLa Specialista PrestigioAt the end of descaling, the appliance requests a further rinse
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At the end of descaling, the appliance requests a further rinse

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Complete the rinse cycle from the descaling guide

Potential cause:
During the rinse cycle, the water tank has not been filled to the MAX level.


Follow the step-by-step guide below for detailed instructions:

How-to guide

1. Remove the water tank

2. If present, remove the water softener filter from the water tank

3. Pour the descaler into the tank up to the level marked with

4. Add water (1 liter) up to the level marked with

5. Turn the mode selector dial to 'descale'

The OK light turns orange.

6. Make sure the portafilter is not attached and position a recipient under the coffee outlet, hot water spout and steam wand

7. Press OK

The descaling light begins to blink and descaling starts.

8. The descale programme starts and the descaler liquid comes out of the steam wand and coffee outlet.

The descale programme removes limescale deposits from inside the appliance by automatically performing a series of rinses and pauses until the tank is empty.

Delivery stops and the OK light turns to white. This indicates that it is necessary to proceed with rinsing.

9. Empty the recipients used to collect the descaler solution and replace it empty

10. Empty and place the water tank back in its housing

Remove the water tank.

Empty any residues of descaler solution.

Rinse with running water.

Refill with fresh water up to the MAX level.

Put the tank back in its housing.

11. Press the OK button

Rinsing starts.

When rinsing is complete, delivery stops and the appliance prepares to be used again.

12. Empty the recipients used to collect the rinse water

13. Extract and empty the drip tray, then put back in the appliance

14. Empty, rinse, then fill the water tank with fresh water and replace it

If you removed a water filter in the first step, place it back in the water tank now.

Now the appliance is ready to use.