ProductEletta PlusHow can I improve the quality of my frothed milk?
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How can I improve the quality of my frothed milk?

Try this solution

Clean the cappuccino maker

Possible cause:
Cappuccino maker dirty.

How-to guide

1. Deliver a little water by pressing the OK button

Danger of burns!
When cleaning the cappuccino maker, a little hot water is delivered. Avoid contact with splashes of water.

2. Press the same button again to stop the flow of hot water

3. Wait a few minutes for the cappuccino maker to cool down

4. Turn counter clockwise the cappuccino maker downwards to remove it

5. Move the cappuccino/hot milk ring upwards

6. Slide the nozzle downwards

7. Make sure the two holes shown by the arrows are not blocked

If necessary, clean with a pin.

8. Replace the nozzle and move the ring downwards

9. Wash all parts of the cappuccino maker thoroughly with a sponge and warm water

10. Put the cappuccino maker back on the nozzle, turning it clockwise and pushing it upwards until it is attached