ProductMagnifica SThe milk is not frothed
Magnifica S

The milk is not frothed

Try this solution

Clean the cappuccino maker

Possible cause:
The cappuccino maker is dirty.

Follow the this step-by-step guide:

How-to guide

1. Place a container under the cappuccino maker and deliver a little water for a few seconds by rotating the steam dial to the "I" position

2. Turn the steam dial to "0" to stop the flow of water

3. Wait a few minutes for the cappuccino maker to cool down

4. Grip the handle of the cappuccino maker tube firmly in one hand and with the other rotate the cappuccino maker anticlockwise

Then remove by pulling downwards.

5. Remove the steam connection nozzle by pulling it downwards

6. Make sure the two holes shown by the arrow are not blocked

If necessary, clean using a toothpick.

7. Wash all parts of the cappuccino maker thoroughly with a sponge and warm water

8. Reinsert the nozzle, then replace the cappuccino maker on the nozzle, turning it and pushing it upwards until it is attached