ProductLa Specialista MaestroThe appliance does not grind the coffee
La Specialista Maestro

The appliance does not grind the coffee

Try this solution

Remove the foreign matter and clean the burrs

Potential cause:
The burrs are blocked by foreign matter.

Follow the guide below for detailed instructions:

How-to guide

1. Empty the beans container

If necessary, using a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining beans.

2. Attach the filter holder to the outlet of the coffee mill

Lining it up with 'INSERT'.

Then turn it to the right as far as it will go.

Grinding begins when the filter holder reaches the 'CLOSE' position and stops automatically.

3. Turn the appliance off

4. Remove the beans container

Release the beans container by turning it anticlockwise and extract from the appliance.

5. Turn the fineness selector anticlockwise as far as it will go to the "REMOVE" position

6. Extract the upper burr, gripping it by the handle

7. Clean the burr with a brush

Also, remove the coffee residues using a vacuum cleaner.

8. Clean underneath the upper burr

Please use a vacuum cleaner or a small brush to remove any remaining beans or coffee dust that could obstruct the operation of the grinder.

9. Insert the burr in its housing

10. Turn the selector to select the desired grinding level

11. Make sure the burr is inserted correctly by pulling it by the handle

If it is correctly inserted, it will not move.

12. Use a brush to remove any coffee residues from the outlet of the coffee mill