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Replace the water filter

Possible cause:
The water softener filter has been used up.

Follow the instructions in this step-by-step guide:

How-to guide

1. Remove the water tank and used up filter

2. To activate the new filter run tap water into the hole letting the water run out of theside openings for at least one minute

3. Fill the tank with water

4. Place the filter in the water tank and submerge it completely for ten seconds, tilting it to enable the air bubbles to escape

5. Insert the filter into the filter housing and press as far as it will go

6. Place a container under the hot water spout (min.capacity of 500 ml)

7. Press the MENU button to enter the menu

8. Press B4 or B5 until "Replace filter" appears on the display

9. Press OK

The message "Confirm?" appears on the display.

10. Press OK to confirm the selection

“HOT WATER Confirm?” appears on the display

11. Press OK to confirm the selection again

The coffee machine begins hot water delivery and the message "Please wait..." appears on the display.

After the flow of hot water stops the coffee machine automatically resets to "Ready for coffee" status. The new filter is now active and ready for use.