ProductMaestosaThe coffee is weak

The coffee is weak

Try this solution

Adjust the coffee mill

Possible cause:
The coffee is ground too coarsely.

Follow the video guide below:

Or follow the written instructions in the guide below:

How-to guide

1. Note

The appliance has two coffee mills corresponding to beans containers (I) and (II) .The coffee mills are set by default to prepare coffee correctly and should not require regulating initially.

However, if after making the first few coffees you find that the coffee is either too weak and not creamy enough or delivery is too slow (a drop at a time), they can be adjusted.

2. Press the settings menu

3. Select "Adjust mill"

A tutorial is displayed with suggestions on the grinding level. if you want to skip this presentation, press "Skip" or "Next" to continue with the tutorial.

"Select mill [I] or [II] and adjust coarseness within the available range" is displayed.

4. Select the mill you want to adjust

5. Select the required grinding fineness by pressing directly on one of the selectable numbers in the highlighted interval

6. To implement the adjustment, press OK and deliver 5 coffee beverages using the mill selected