ProductMaestosaThe milk does not come out of the spout

The milk does not come out of the spout

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Clean the milk container

Possible cause:
The milk container is dirty.

Follow the step-by-step guide:

How-to guide

1. Note

To keep the frother efficient, clean the milk container every two days as described in the following steps

2. Press the release buttons and extract the lid

Then, extract the milk intake tube.

3. Turn the connector anticlockwise and extract

4. Remove the milk spout by pulling

5. When extracted, remove the transparent tube inside

6. Remove the lid located above the spouts

7. Extract the milk container (D7) from the thermal casing (D8)

8. Wash all the components thoroughly with hot water and mild washing-up liquid

All components (except the thermal casing) are dishwasher safe, placing them in the top basket of the dishwasher. Make sure there are no milk residues on the lid components. If necessary, use the tube brush to scrape off any milk residues.

9. Rinse the holes under running water

10. Make sure the milk intake tube and milk spout are not clogged with milk residues

Use the tube brush to clean them thoroughly.

11. Place the milk container (D7) back in the thermal casing (D8)

12. Insert the transparent tube into the milk spout , inserting it first in the hole nearest the connector, then in the hole nearest the spouts

13. After fully inserting the ends, push for the full length of the tube, making sure it is inserted correctly

14. Reassemble all the lid components

15. Place the lid back on the milk container