ProductPrimaDonna ClassMessage: INSERT INFUSER ASSEMBLY
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Make sure the infuser is properly inserted

Possible cause:
The infuser has not been properly replaced after cleaning.

Follow this step-by-step guide:

How-to guide

1. Important

The infuser may not be extracted when the coffee machine is on.

2. Turn off the coffee machine

3. Remove the water tank

4. Open the infuser door positioned on the right side of the coffee machine

5. Press the 2 coloured release buttons inwards and at the same time pull the infuser outwards

6. Replace the infuser by sliding it onto the internal support, then push the PUSH symbol fully in until it clicks into place.

Please note:
If the infuser is difficult to insert, before insertion, squeeze the
two levers shown in the figure to make it smaller

7. Once inserted, make sure the two coloured buttons have popped out again

8. Close the infuser door

9. Put the water tank back